September notes

1) css z-index only applies to positioned elements

position:absolute, relative or fixed.   Higher z-index value will be in front of lower z-index value elements

<div style="text-align:center; font-size:30px;">
 <a style="color:gray; text-decoration:none; font-size:35px;" href="#">&#8226;</a>
 <a style="color:lightgray; text-decoration:none;" href="#">&#8226;</a>
 <a style="color:lightgray; text-decoration:none;" href="#">&#8226;</a>

2) Check if browser support WebGL: Visit:

3) “jdeveloper.exe -singleuser": create domain in jdev home instead of user's home

4) Use Javascript to manipulate css rules including css3 animation rules:

var lastSheet = document.styleSheets[document.styleSheets.length - 1];
lastSheet.insertRule("@-webkit-keyframes " + newName + " { from { top: 0px; } to {top: " + newHeight + "px;} }", lastSheet.cssRules.length);


5) ADF Tuning Guide: (Table of Contents)  (ADF part)   (AM Parameters Guide)

6) Declare string in multiple lines in Javascript

var s = "hello \

world \


var s = "hello "+



7) jQuery append and appendTo method
append will return the parent element, not the element inserted
appendTo will return the element inserted

$('body').append('<div>abc</div>') //return body element
$('<div>abc</div>').appendTo($('body')) //return div element

8) CSS3 keep animation end state

animation-fill-mode: forwards   // Keep animation end state after ending

9) Exclamation mark before Javascript function

!function a(){ }();
(function a(){})();

10) Java class file magic number:

0xCAFEBABE    //cafebabe