Some May tips

1) ADF ChangeEventPolicy=PPR

My own preference for this property is to disable it in 11gR2, not sure about the situation in 12c, to be explored

2) What’s new in JSF2.2? Very nice article here:

3) Call taskflow via url & adf redirect to view id:

ControllerContext ctx = ControllerContext.getInstance();
//If first param for ctx.getTaskFlowURL is false, current taskflow finalizer will not be called
String url = ctx.getTaskFlowURL(true, TaskFlowId.parse("/WEB-INF/task-flow2-definition.xml#task-flow2-definition"), null);

For ADF 11g redirection to a view id, it’s recommended to use following so that controller state is properly maintained:


4) Some interesting HTML5 features
Summary: DNS prefetching, Link prefetching, download attribute, regular expression (validation), datalist element (auto complete inputs)

5) WebCenter URL:


This will append control state params to the original url, so that finalizer of current taskflow will be called properly

6) Some navigation references (especially within bounded task inside region):

7) Good reading material on “CLIENT_STATE_MAX_TOKENS”:

(target url:

8) RIDC example:

9) WebCenter Content Custom Component vs Java Filter:

10) UCM Full Text Search:

11) UCM Query Size of Contribution Folder – Trash

12) UCM Database Tables:

13) A Sample UCM RIDC Client program in Java that import batch files

14) UCM DataResultSet vs ResultSet

15) Jdeveloper 12c released (new features etc):

16) Install EM (Enterprise Manager) in JDeveloper Integrated Server:

17) Some good UCM crash start materials:

Good book/doc to understand basic UCM concepts: <<The Oracle Universal Content Management Handbook>>   <<Content Folios User Guide>>