Some Sep/2013 Notes

1) Search Content Server (UCM) documents that the user “USERID1” has read write rights:

In query builder form:

search2Alternatively, could go to “Expanded Form” and add the user access list search conditions (Including access rights info)

2) Understanding OCS Content Item Lifecycle:

Here’re a few common states an item goes through and corresponding values you’ll see in the Status field:

Review: The item is in the workflow.
Edit: The item is in the contribution stage. It has probably been rejected from the first step of the workflow.
Pending: The item was included in a basic workflow along with the other items. It was approved and is waiting while the rest of the items go through the workflow.
Done: Workflow is complete.
GenWWW: Conversion is in progress. For instance, when you use the PDF converter to generate a PDF version after check in.
Released: All done. The item is available and will appear in searches

3) In OCS, create a token represent a user defined in one of metadata field (eg. approver user token):

tokenThis will create a token represent the user defined in workflow approver metadata field, similar use cases can also be implemented this way.

4) WebCenter released, WC Spaces renamed to WC Portal, Info on WC Content

5) Groovy expression to assign db sequence to a string variable (append “as String” in the of the expression):

6) JRebel now supports JDeveloper v11.1.2+

7) Use “AdfAgent.AGENT.getElementById” instead of document.findElementById for better performance

8) Adf table filtering not working for MySQL database, solution is:

9) WebCenter, identify slow pages technique


10) Change WebCenter session timeout

Use Red Samurai’s MDS Cleaner -> Search “%webcenter-config% -> Edit Source XML -> Change session timeout to larger value

webcenter_session11) Oracle Text Search Info (also could check documentation for indexing of various content types, different index types etc)

12) UCM couldn’t re-create deleted folder

Error msg is folder with same name already exists, one of possible reasons is that the deleted folder is a system folder (can be viewed in UCM console “Administration -> Folder Configuration -> System Folder Configuration”). When the folder is deleted, it’s not deleted but marked as disabled, so re-create a folder with same name will fail. Quick fix is in UCM database, set column Collections.dcollectionmark as null for the folder or make sure dCollectioMark meta field is null during folder creation.

13) Java Integer / Long  overflow handling and checking

Integer.MAX_VALUE+1 will be Integer.MIN_VALUE , similar for Long

14) Java has no built-in AtomicDouble (it has AtomicBoolean, AtomicLong etc), google’s Guava has, it uses AtomicLong to implement it.

Similar to other JDK AtomicXXX classes, it’s non-blocking, it used Double.doubleToLongBits() technique

15) Java 8 Streams vs LINQ

16) Some useful adf resource/articles:

ADF Taskflow Transaction:

Transaction issue created by nested region and tx attributes:

ADF layout basics:

17) Nice UI mock tool:

18) In ADF 12c, after changing -Djbo.debugoutput=console, it’s still required to change logging.xml to see the log: