Some Dec/2013 Notes

1) Some useful JVM params

2) UEditor from baidu

Some other tools from them:

3) How to check if it’s a postback in jsf 1 & 2:

4) A nice timeline javascript library:

5) Oracle autonomous_transaction (difference with nested transaction; autonomous proecedure/function/trigger etc):

Useful for logging, shadow table etc.

6) Oracle database never block a read on rows even if the rows is/are locked by another session; the resultset will be a fixed snapshot, the rows are fixed (multi-version):

eg: one session opened a cursor to read selection result on a table, during which all rows are deleted and committed in another session, the first session could continue reading the rows using that cursor.

I guess this is one of the reasons Oracle database are sensitive to session/cursor leakage

7) Some developer tools collection, could check this list first whenever one needs a tool:

8) Guava v15.0 couldn’t be deployed to Weblogic 12c:

9) Java XML Parser error: “Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: This parser does not support specification “null” version “null”

Solution one, add following jvm setting:

Other solutions:

10) BTrace Project, it enables us change running jvm’s classes:

This is similar to JRebel (?)

11) Workaround for Lov bug: selected invalid Lov value in a <af:table> but validation error message is shown when user moves to the next row of <af:table>.

Workaround is: set ExceptionMode of the data control to “immediate” in DataBinding.cpx file.

12) Git revert local changes:

Quick workaround is:

git stash save --keep-index

git stash drop

13) af:tree af:treeTable get node depth:

<af:outputText value="#{bindings.Employees.treeModel.depth}"/>

14) af:fileDownloadActionListener or af:exportCollectionActionListener not working (the bean method is not called)
I think I encounter same problem of this post, workaround is disable ppr in adf-config.xml
but one need to revisit existing functions if it’s relying on the ppr feature.

Env: jdev11.1.2.4