October 2015 Notes

1. JSF 2 way execute or render UI components

ADF could programmatically refresh UI components by calling “addPartialTarget” since at least 11g version:


This can be done declaratively using “partialTriggers” attribute prior 12c or “af:target” tag since 12c.
Following is the standard JSF 2 way to execute or render UI components:


My quick test shows they are working in ADF 12c too.

2. Oracle Javascript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET)

URL: http://oracle.com/jet/
I like Javascript very much so it’s so exciting to know this a few days ago. I am still studying this product but I think this product will help front-end developers a lot to use Oracle Alta UI components including visualization components in web and mobile development if they don’t know ADF. Moreover, now ADF 12c BC supports REST and JSON services, which could easily integrate with JET too, btw this is my own opinion, needs to test it.

Work Better demo App in JET:

ADF has a same Work Better demo App, you could compare them, it could be accessed here: