Some Oct/Nov notes/tips

1. Weblogic 12c Multi-tenant
PAAS use case:
Partition is the process service, similar as managed server, which hosts different resource group, eg: HR partition hosts HR resource group; Finance partition hosts finance resource group
SAAS use case:
Resource Template Group is “software service”, which could be deployed to different partitions as needed. eg. Partition 1 hosts HR resource group (which is from HR resource group template); Partition 2 hosts finance resource group (from HR resource group template) + HR resource group (from its template too).


2. bash port forwarding:
ssh -L 7101:host_a:80 -o GatewayPorts=yes host_b

Request to host “host_b” port 7101 will be forwarded to “host_a” port 80, “GatewayPorts=yes” enable external hosts to access “host_b”

3. Oracle DB v12.2, JSON Developer Guide:

4. Oracle DB v12.2 now supports sharding, which usually supported by NoSQL systems by default

5. Main difference between sharding and replication:
sharding: most similar concept is partitioning
replication: most similar concept is master-slave (mirror data)
a more detailed explanation is:

6. Automatic time based popup dismiss – new feature in ADF v12.2.1.1:
and how to do it in javascript:

7. Java 8 & 7 GC Cheatsheet:

8. JVM Memory Monitor in JDeveloper:
Add following in jdev configuration file:

AddVMOption -DMainWindow.MemoryMonitorOn=true

After that, jdeveloper will show memory usage at right bottom corner:

9. HTTP Cookies: Secure Flag and HttpOnly Flag and Session Cookie
Very good article that explains this:
In Servlets 3, instruct the app server to ensure all cookies are HttpOnly and Secure:



10. Validate page definition variable declaratively:

In page def file of the attribute node insert child validation node like regular expression validation, list, length validation etc.

11. How to use custom sql in view criteria:
In view criteria, set “ViewCriteriaItem”‘s “IsSQLFragment” to true and type custom sql in “Value”.

12. Multiple Master to Single Detail View Instance: